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Global Bioethics, Medical Law and International Human Rights Law

Ethics at the Horizon: A Proposal for a Future-Facing Global Bioethics
Jeffrey Kahn
, Ph.D. (USA)


The Medicalization of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law
Yechiel Michael Barilan, MD, MA (Israel)


Medical Law and Bioethics – Connecting the Dots Internationally
Oren Asman, LLD (Israel)


Legal Regulation for Reciprocal Benefit:  Stopping Organ Trafficking and Improving Unpaid Donation
Alexander Capron, MA, LLB (USA)


Humanitarian Medicine, Ethics and Current Challenges in Israel


The Situation in Syria – Geopolitical Background
Eyal Zisser
, Ph.D., Professor of Middle Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University

The Unique Humanitarian Aid Project to the Syrian Casualties
.(res.) Salman Zarka, MD, M.P.H., M.A, Director of Ziv Medical Center.          


Removing  borders: The Humanitarian Treatment of Syrian Nationals Injured In the Ongoing Civil War
Samuel Tobias, MD (Israel)

Bioethics and Law in the Faculty of Medicine
Ehud Grossman, MD, Dean, Sackler Faculty of Medicine (Israel)


Humanitarian Medicine – Historical, Ethical and Legal Aspects



70 years of the Geneva Conventions – A Timely Re-Appraisal of their Impact on Medical Personnel and Human Rights

Roy Beran, MD., John Devereux, Ph.D. (Australia) 


The Evil of Josef Mengele, Twin Experiments, Auschwitz and Informed Consent

Ken J. Berger, M.D (Canada)


Bioethics and the Holocaust: Teaching the Past for Improving the Future

Tessa Chelouche, MD (Israel)  


Forensic Medicine and Ethics


Official Medicolegal Investigation of Deaths Involving Celebrities and Prominent Political Individuals:  Special Concerns and Considerations

Cyril Wecht, MD (USA)


Incapacitating Terrorists:  Causes of Death, Ethical and Interpretive Challenges
Chen Kugel, MD; Maya Furman, MD; Sivan Chaviv, MD (Israel)


Life achievement Award to Prof. Thomas Noguchi


An Urgent Need to Establish Guidelines for Ethics in Practice of ForensicSciences

Thomas Noguchi, MD  (USA)

Disability Rights


Legal Capacity and Mental Disability: A Need for Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue
Michael Stein
, Ph.D. (USA)


Nothing About Us Without Us:  A Disability Challenge to Bioethics

Sagit Mor, Ph.D. (Israel)


Desiring Motherhood Despite Severe Disability

Esther-Lee Marcus, Ph.D. (Israel)


Patient’s Rights in Mental Health:  Problems of Residential Care in Serbia

Hajrija Mujovic, Ph.D. (Serbia)


Application of Eugenic Practices to People with Disabilities in Israel

Chaya Gershuni LL.M (Israel)


 Significance of Natural Will Relating to Sexual Health

Dr. Özge Yücel, LL.M., Ph.D. (Turkey)



Psychiatry, Ethics and Law


Finding the Yellow Brick Road – Highlights of Ethical Dilemmas in Setting Mental Health Services - Ethics of Public Policy

Tal Bergman Levy, MD, MSc  (Israel)


Recent advances in the genetics and neurobiology of mental health – Social and ethical implications

Steven A. Kushner, MD, Ph.D., (Netherlands)


Standard of Protection of Human Rights of Patients in Psychiatric Hospitals

Tomasz Sroka, Ph.D. (Poland)


Compulsory Admission Based on Public Authority in Japan

Shigeki Takahashi M.D. Ph.D. (Japan)


Mental Health Legal Representation in Israel

Advocate Daniel Raz, LL.M  (Israel)


Psychiatric Patient Restraint In Israel  - Between Medicine and law

Sharon Primor, LL.M, Ph.D. Candidate (Israel)  


Advance Directives and Mental Health in Czech Law

Tomáš Holčapek, Ph.D. (Czech Republic)     


Capacity and Self-Determination in Mental Health - The Portuguese Law

Carla Barbosa, Lawyer (Portugal)  


Please Let Mentally Ill Patients Make True Self-Decision Under the Macau Law

Man Teng Iong M.S, Ph.D. Candidate (Macau)


The Obligations and Rights of a Psychiatrist

Tugce Oral, LL.M, Ph.D. (Turkey)


Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity in Neurodevelopmental Disability       

Anthony Kearns FRCPsych (Ireland)


Homicide While Asleep and Israeli Law

Jean Askenasy, MD, Ph.D.; Haran Feinstein, Judge (ret.)(Israel)      


Legal (or Illegal) Denial of Micro Trauma in Mental Injuries

Samuel Wolfman, PhD (Israel)


End of Life Care


End-of-Life Care Decision-Making in Japan: Past, Present & Future Perspectives

Takeshi Miyashita, LL.M (Japan)


The Belgian Case of the ’Deacon of Death’: Ending the Life of the Patient Without Their Consent

Thierry Vansweevelt, Ph.D. (Belgium)


Ethics and the Patient’s Religious Beliefs in Physician-Assisted Death

Richard Wilbur, MD, JD (USA)


Euthanasia for Psychiatric Patients in the Benelux: Reasons for Concern?

Sylvie Tack, JD. (Belgium)


 Cost-Benefit Model for Antibiotic Treatment at End of Life

Yael Dishon-Benattar, RN, MA, Ph.D. Candidate (Israel)


End of life excessive/persistent treatment – who takes the decision?
Bilha Kreisberg, RN, MA (Israel)   


Old Age and Legal rights


 Living with Advanced Dementia and the Law: Lessons from Practice and Philosophy
Julian Hughes, MD
, Ph.D. (England)


Elder Law – What the Future Holds
Israel (Issi) Doron, LL.M
, Ph.D., (Israel)


Age Discrimination of Doctors Versus Quality Care
Filip Dewallens
, Ph.D. (Belgium)


Challenges for Public Health in a Fast-Aging Society

Eduardo Dantas, LL.M, Ph.D. Candidate (Portugal)


The Older Patient with Dementia as a Sexual Offender

Tzvi Dwolatzky, MD, Ella Holtzman, MA, Eliezer Witztum, MD (Israel) 


Using Humor Intelligently in Interactions Between Doctor and Elderly Patient

Edna Katzenelson, Ph.D. (Israel)



Genetics, Ethics and Law


Genetic v. Legal Identity

Judit Sandor, Ph.D. (Hungary)  


Ethical Implications of Deep Genomics Analysis Becoming Mainstream
Noam Shomron
, Ph.D. (Israel)


Can Genetic Information Be Disclosed to Relatives?

Cindy Cornelis, Ph.D. Candidate  (Belgium)  


Accompanying Family Members in Genetic Counseling: Clinicians' Perception

Sivia Barnoy, RN, Ph.D., Roy Gilbar, LLM. Ph.D. (Israel)


Religious Law, Sexuality and Fertility


Islamic Jurisprudential Gerontology in Bioethics: Personhood and Parenthood

Osman Tastan, Ph.D. (Turkey)  


Attitudes to Sexual Disabilities in Islamic Law: the shift from classical fiqh to contemporary solutions

Vardit Rispler-Chaim, Ph.D. (Israel)


Legal and Ethical Status of Embryotomy in Yerushalmi vs Bavli

Moshe Pinchuk, Ph.D. (Israel)


Fertility Treatment for Couples With Mental Disabilities in Jewish Law

Rabbi Gideon Weitzman, B.Ed. (Israel)


Hermeneutics matters! A new approach to the famous debate between Feinstein and Waldenberg on abortion

Melanie Mordhorst-Mayer, Ph.D. (Israel)


Halacha and Modern Medicine in the Lithuanian Environment:  The Metzitza Debate

Elimelech Westreich, Ph.D. and Roi Westreich, MD (Israel)    


Jewish Law and Medicine


Jewish Law, Medical Ethics and the Regulator
Rabbi Mordechai Halperin, MD (Israel)


Big Data and Medical Decision-Making from the perspective of Halacha
Rabbi Shabtai Rapoport (Israel)


The Right to Procreate in Israel: The Case of Postmortem Sperm Retrieval
Avishalom Westreich
, Ph.D. (Israel)


The Enduring Power of Attorney in Jewish Law

Yardena Cope-Joseph, LLM (Israel)


Mental Illness and Halacha: Sensitivity and Ethical Commitment in Jewish Law to the Psychiatrically Ill Individual

Rael Strous, MD (Israel)


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