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Scientific Committee

Oren Asman, LL.D | BIOETHICS

Nursing Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Oren Asman is a lawyer and a bioethicist. Nursing Department,  at the Tel Aviv University. Executive Vice President of the World Association for Medical Law since 2014. His current research subjects are nursing and mental health ethics.

Y. Michael Barilan, MD, MA | BIOETHICS

Associate Professor, Department of Medical Education, Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Dr. Barilan's research subjects are Bioethics, Biolaw and Medical Humanities. His own personal interests encompass moral theory and the intersections among bioethics, social history and related normative domains, such as law and religion, especially Halakhah (Jewish religious law), and explores human rights law and international humanitarian law in the light of the contemporary ethical and meta-ethical discourse.


Head of the Steyer School of Health Professions, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Liat Kishon-Rabin has served as Head of the Steyer School of Health Professions since September, 2016.  Was awarded a Ph.D. degree in 1990 for her research in the area of psychoacoustics from the Speech & Hearing Science Department at the Graduate Center, City University of New York​. Led the development of highly equipped state-of-the-art psychoacoustic and speech perception labs for testing hearing impaired individuals with cochlear implants and/or hearing aids.

Michael Ashley Stein, PhD, JD | HUMAN RIGHTS

​Executive Director of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability

Michael Stein holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. Co-founder and Executive Director of the Harvard Law School Project on Disability, as well as Extraordinary Professor, University of Pretoria Faculty of Law, Center for Human Rights, and formerly Professor at William & Mary Law School.

Michael Stein is an internationally acclaimed expert on disability law and policy, and participated in the drafting of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, works with disabled persons organizations around the world, actively consults with international governments on their disability laws and policies, and advises a number of United Nations bodies.

His main areas of interest are: Human rights, Law of the Workplace: Employment Discrimination, Disability Law, International Law: International Law and Development.

Tal Bergman, MD, Msc | MENTAL HEALTH

Mental Health Services, Ministry of Health, Israel​​

Dr. Tal Bergman graduated in medicine from the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion. She completed her specialization in adult psychiatry and served as a senior physician at the Beer Yaakov Mental Health Center, where she advanced the field of forensic psychiatry, and established the Ambulatory Forensic Psychiatry Unit. She later directed the Forensic Psychiatry Department at the Maximal Security Division of the “Sha’ar Menashe” Mental Health Center.

Thierry Vansweevelt | HEALTH PROFESSIONS & LAW

Faculty of Law, Antwerp University, Belgium

Thierry Vansweevelt studied law at the University of Antwerp. He obtained the title of doctor in law for a thesis on 'The civil liability of the doctor and the hospital' (University of Antwerp, 1991). His doctoral thesis was awarded the prestigious "Fernand Collin Prize" in 1992, while his entire oeuvre received the "Prize Research Council UAntwerp". As the first professor of medical law, Thierry Vansweevelt was appointed member of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium in 2011.

Thierry Vansweevelt is a professor at the Faculty of Law at Antwerpen University, where his research focuses on Medical Law, patients rights and mental health. He specializes in medical liability law in which he defends hospitals, doctors and patients. 

Silvia Koton, PhD | NURSING

Chair, Nursing Deparment,Tel Aviv University

Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, School of Health Professions, Tel Aviv University

Chair, Department of Nursing, School of Health Professions, Tel Aviv University

Adjunct Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


​Head of the National Center of Forensic Medicine, Israel

Dr. Chen Kugel completed his medical studies at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Medical School in 1986. After completing his studies he served in the medical corps in the Israel Defence Forces, and later specialized in forensic medicine. Dr. Kugel has worked at the National Institute of Forensic Medicine since 1991. He retired from the Institute of Forensic Medicine in 2005, and established a private institute for forensic medicine services (the first of its kind in Israel). As part of his work at the Institute of Forensic Medicine and as director of a private institute, Kugel has often given expert testimony in law cases where pathological examination was required. In 2013 Kugel was appointed director of the National Institute of Forensic Medicine.

In addition to his work as a pathologist, Dr. Kugel teaches at the Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv University and at its law faculties and Bar-Ilan University.

Vardit Rispler-Chaim, PhD | MEDICAL LAW & ETHICS

Department of Arabic Language & Literature, Haifa University, Haifa, Israel

Professor Vardit Rispler-Chaim has an MA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in Islamic culture and a PhD from UC Berkeley California, in Near Eastern Studies.

Her teachings focuses on Islamic Medical Ethics and Medicine and Law in Islam. She teaches at the Haifa University in Israel and also functioned as a consultant for the Ministry of Education. She often attends and organizes scholarly conferences in the medical and ethical fields. 


USC Gould School of Law, California, United States

Prof. Alexander Capron is a globally recognized expert in health policy and medical ethics. He teaches Public Health Law, Torts, and Law, Science, and Medicine at USC Gould School of Law. He also teaches at the USC Keck School of Medicine and is co-director of the Pacific Center for Health Policy and Ethics. for a four year period he was the director of Ethics, Trade, Human Rights and Health Law at the World Health Organization in Geneva.

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