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Full Day Tour - September 6th 2018 (can be subject to changes)
Anchor 1
Journey 1 - The Dead Sea - Where it all began!
Includes walking
Dress Code: Comfortable shoes and clothes


Erez Eshel

Accompanying Staff:

Students of the Ein prat higher academy


Mt. Kabir – Gvaot Olam – Mevo’ot Yericho – Dead sea – Jerusalem – Tel Aviv


Breakfast: Gvaot Olam farm


Lunch: Jerusalem

This journey will deal with topic of beginnings.

Starting at the Mt. Kabir lookout point, the place from where

Abraham first saw the promised land, we shall climb to the Gidonim ridge

in the mountains Samaria where we will visit agricultural farms, learn

about the secrets of the Israeli shepherds from the beginning of the

Jewish nation until today.

Continuing the Jordan valley, we will visit the Baptism site on the

Jordan river, and then head up to Jerusalem.

In Jerusalem we will learn together about the most meaningful beginnings

in Israeli and Jewish history, and in human and personal experiences.


Key points:

  • Abraham and the beginning of the construction of the Israeli nation

  • The entrance to the land of Israel

  • The shepherds secret

  • Baptism site

  • The lowest place on earth as a starting point

  • Jerusalem in the minds of the monotheistic religions

Anchor 2
Journey 2 - Jerusalem - Observation points on our reality
Includes walking
Dress Code: Comfortable shoes and clothes


Shira Zachi


Accompanying Staff:

Students of the Ein Prat higher academy



Nezter Acharon lookout point – Sataf – Jerusalem Old City – Machne Yehuda Market


Breakfast: Zeltzer farm in the Sataf


Lunch: Jerusalem

The journey will deal with possible points of view about reality

from the stories of the sites on the road ascends from Tel Aviv

to Jerusalem.

We will begin by looking at the Ayalon Valley, where we will

begin to get to know the possible viewpoints at a glance at the

landscape. We will continue on the road to Jerusalem and eat

breakfast on a farm in the Jerusalem hills.

We will go up to Jerusalem and get to know the heavenly

Jerusalem and the Jerusalem of below, as well as the different

points of view of Jerusalem's Christian, Muslim, and Jewish



Key points:

  • Ayalon valley – past, present and future

  • Christianity, Islam and Judaism in Jerusalem from different points of view

  • The heavenly Jerusalem and the Jerusalem of below

Anchor 4
Journey 3 - North Israel - 

Coexistence in Israel: From the Past to the Present

7:30 Depart from Tel Aviv

8:30 Tour Caesarea

10:00 Light Brunch

11:00 Arrive in Haifa. Visit the Baha’i Gardens, Ahmedim Community in Kababir Neighborhood and German Colony

13:00 Lunch in the German Colony

14:00 Take Cable Car up to Stella Maris and visit the Carmelite Monastery 

15:30 Tour the Druze Pre-Military Academy in Daliyat al-Karmel and meet leaders of this community, the largest Druze city in Israel

17:30 Visit the Muhraka-Site of the Biblical Encounter between Elijah and Prophets of the Ba’al

18:00 Depart for Tel Aviv 

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