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Poster Presentation Guidelines

General Content Requirements:

All submissions must address a bioethical or a medico-legal issue that relates to the congress themes. It may be addressed from a legal perspective, a policy related one, an ethical one or a combined approach. Both practical ethics and normative ethics perspectives are of relevance. Legal discussions may be focused on State Law, International Law, Criminal and civil law

The submitter may choose any submission format he or she wishes.  At the same time, a general suggested framework should be considered before preparing the poster.



  1. POSTER SUBMISSION: Deadline for Submissions of the final poster is August 15, 2018. You are responsible for bringing the poster with you to the Congress.


The poster-board surface area available is 140 cm high and 90 cm wide.  

It is suggested that the poster is:


  • SIZE: 120 X70 cm (Portrait) [a 100X70 is also optional]

  • FONT: Use Arial font, 30-49 point size throughout  

  • You may use the suggested poster template and adapt it according to your topic and analysis method. 

  • You may add figures and/or charts.

  • Consider having a background section (It may include a clear statement of the ethical/legal or policy issue you investigated, your purpose in undertaking the research, the methods you used (literature/legal ruling review, interviews, etc.), and a summary of your findings or results to support the conclusions or recommendations. Try limiting this section to 250 words.

  • Conclusions section: clearly identify the conclusions at which you arrived based on your research.

  • List up to 5 references using an accepted reference method.

See example poster outline 


A well-designed POSTER should:

(1) Facilitate discussion between the presenter and the viewers; (2) Contain an abstract and succinct introductory material; (3) Clearly and simply state methods, major results and conclusions; (4) Use simple graphs and tables and large clear illustrations; (5) Have a font large enough to be read from a distance of several feet; (6) Be augmented by “handout” materials if necessary, and; (7) Not be crowded with too much information.


For further inspiration and tips on creating excellent posters, please press here:

Recommended sections: Dos and Don’ts, Adding Bits of Flair, Presenting the Poster, and Useful Literature.



Now you must print the actual poster!

We advise printing your poster in your home country and bringing it with you to the Congress.

Also, bring your poster on a flash drive in both .pptx format and .pdf format (as a backup) to the Congress.

Specific instructions for setting up your poster for the poster sessions will be sent directly to your email.



Young Scientist Awards:


The Young Scientist Awards (under 35 inclusive) will recognize one outstanding poster.


To be considered you must submit an abstract, register for the Congress and apply for the competition on the registration form. Lastly, you must also submit a 3-page summary to 


Awardee will receive:  Certificate / One year WAML Membership / Complimentary registration for one of the next two Congress'




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