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Abstract Submissions Guidelines

PRESENTATION FORMATS: (From May 16th ONLY abstracts for poster presentations will be accepted)

1. An oral presentation

2. A poster presentation


1. Abstracts must be of original work of the authors. The guidelines of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors should apply in authorship. 

2. An abstract should be fully self-contained and make sense by itself. 

3. Complete abstracts must be submitted online no later May 1, 2018. 

4. Once an abstract is accepted, additional authors cannot be added.

5. The Presenting (First) Author should be the primary contact person.

6. Notification of acceptance or rejection and all future correspondence will be e-mailed to the Presenting (First) Author on or before June 10th , 2018

7. WAML reserves the right to withdraw a presentation at any time.

8. Accepted abstracts will be available online.

9. The Presenting (First) Author is required to register and attend the WAML Meeting and present the paper or poster at the assigned time on the assigned day. He/she must be available to answer questions. If the Presenting Author is unable to attend the WAML Annual Congress to present the paper or poster, every effort should be made to arrange for one of the other authors to present. WAML staff ( must be notified of any change in presenters.

10. The Presenting (First) Author is responsible for notifying all other authors of acceptance, rejection, scheduling and any other information provided by WAML.



Abstracts that are NOT submitted properly will receive an administrative reject and will not be reviewed.

1. Language: The abstract must be written in English

2. Presentation Format: Your paper may be presented orally or as a poster. You must indicate your preference. Space for oral presentations is limited and therefore the Program Chair and Committee may need to override your preference.

3. Title: Title must be initial caps throughout. Example: Lipoid Pneumonia in the Paralytic   Patient after Brain Injury

4. Abstract: Abstracts must be 250 words or less.

5. Abstracts Limits: Abstract Title: 50 Characters / Abstract Content: 250 words

6. Confirmation: When you finish submitting your abstract, you will receive a confirmation email. Save this email for future reference. 

Corrections: If you must change your abstract, contact the Program Chair's Secretary at 


1. Electronic Posters or e-posters are similar to traditional paper posters, but displayed on-site on a large LCD television screen and are available for electronic viewing.

2. Accepted E-Poster presentations will need to create a file in PNG/GIF/JPG or PDF format. It should not be longer than a one-page document as any information over the limit will not be saved in the system. The minimum recommended size is: 2000 x 2000px and the maximum size of your e-Poster in pixels is: 4000 x 4000px.

3. Posters must be attended by the Presenting Author during the assigned time period(s). The poster attendance schedule will also be noted in the Preliminary Program.


As the Official Journal of the World Association for Medical Law, "Medicine and Law"  will consider publishing all accepted abstracts as an extra-ordinary issue of abstracts.


The journal also retains the right of first refusal for publication of the papers accepted, by way of abstract, for the World Congress on Medical Law. We encourage authors to submit your full manuscripts.

Article intended for publication should not exceed 20 manuscript pages, ideally 3000-4000 words including references. They must be written in grammatically correct English and carefully checked before submission. The use of WORD is essential.


The printed text on A4 paper must be double-spaced, justified – using Times Roman sized 11 points type – and printed on a laser printer. There should be a wide margin on the left-hand side of the paper only. 


All pages, including the title page, must be numbered consecutively. Tables, figures and any annexes must be set out on separate sheets, appended to the article. 


Please send your manuscript by e-mail as an attachment:


Abstracts pertaining to the following subjects are eligible for the Davies Award Competition. 

  • Ethical and Legal Aspects of Medical History

  • Right to Health

  • Public Health

  • Old Age and Gerontology

  • Health Care Management

To find out more about the Davies Awards click here!

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